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"I find the Pantarei approach to body therapy very engaging in the way it develops in the directions the client is interested and willing to explore. Having a history of trauma related to therapeutic professionals, I value very much the way Axel guides the work and gives me room for guiding the work with emotional capacity, awareness and never taking my consent for granted. I perceive our therapeutic relationship as a safer space where no internalized phobias are projected on my body and no negativity towards neurodivergency is interfering. I’m also finding the Pantarei sessions with Axel very relevant for scoliosis, empathically accompanying change, the lengthening of muscle chains and expansion through breathwork. The Pantarei approach will probably resonate with those who are familiar with Grinberg, Mézières and Feldenkrais and with anyone who understands somatic bodywork as an empowering practice in which they’re not subordinate"


As a queer woman living with chronic pain, the experience of somatic bodywork with Axel has been a lifechanging one. It has allowed me to gain precious knowledge and agency on how emotions unfold in my body, while offering a safe and soft container to welcome them. The sessions help me deal with current problems while also providing me with useful tools I can use by myself to better move through moments of pain flare-up or of anxiety. Throughout time, I am building a relationship of trust and curiosity with my body and emotions, and I am also becoming a better advocate for myself and fellow sick people.


Axel is such a kind and pleasant being! In our session, I felt seen, held, supported, and guided deeper into my body and relationship to..
A gentle, yet very powerful exploration of what was present in me. We went deep and I gained new insights into my process, and when leaving I felt light and nourished and yummy in my body and mind.
Axel's touch and presence allowed me to relax into myself, and feel good about being me.
What a treat!
I'm coming back as soon as I can. Sessions with Axel will be a way of gifting myself some self-love.
Best of the best recommendations from me.


I booked my first session with Axel last summer because I wanted to physically process how the pandemic was affecting my life. I walked in feeling overwhelmed with fear and tension and left feeling open, expansive, and seen. Since then I've worked with him monthly and always left with deeper insights into myself which support changes I want to make in my life. Axel is an expert somatic therapist: he meets me where I am at (bored, energetic, angry, excited, and annoyed to name a few) and guides me with his words and touch through processing that experience so I can do something with it. He is extremely warm and inviting, intuitive and informed about the body, and has the ability to touch deep things with both lightness and care. In his presence I feel that I have permission to fully express my humanness, to take off the masks that I wear everyday just to stay alive. In this way, sessions with Axel have profoundly nourished my body and psyche and helped me move through this difficult year and become more accepting of myself. 


Axel gave me a massage where he exerted considerable pressure. It never became painful but nevertheless resulted in a dramatic loosening of my shoulder and upper back muscles. 
The result was reduced pain and increased mobility. I am very thankful for his abilities and professionalism.


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