My name is Axel, I was born in 1991 in Denmark. 

I live in Berlin, where I work as an embodied counsellor and bodyworker. I give sessions  to groups and individuals at Karada House, in nature and in the workspace in my home in Neukölln.
My intention is to support all sorts of people in all kinds of bodies to get in touch with the resources that are already present. I see bodywork as a space that should be co-created, and I work from the belief that the client always is the expert of their own body.
We work together, to create a space where it’s safe enough to investigate what feels good and right. I work with a combination of embodiment practices, talk and consent aware touch



About me

I have a background in queer and transgender activism, and have especially been involved in a social justice movement that fought to secure transgendered peoples acces to health care and human rights.

Bodywork was for me a way to shift the focus from liberation on a structural level, to a more personal body-to-body level.  


An important reason for making this change, was that my feeling of anger towards structural oppression started showing up as stress and anxiety in my own body and it felt necessary to make a change to stay healthy. Bodywork and embodiment has taught me a lot about how to move through uncomfortable feelings. What came as a very welcome surprise was that it’s actually more about what it means to feel connected, safe, supported and belonging to community. I feel a lot of gratitude in now being able to work with modalities that unleashes the resilience we all have within us.   


I am white, identify as transgender on the masculine spectrum and use he as a pronoun.  

Somatic and therapeutic certificates

2019 Certified in Therapeutic Thai Massage, Thai Hand Berlin

2019 - 2021 Student, Pantarei Somatic Therapy, The Pantarei Approach 

2020 Certified in Embodied Counselling, The Institute of Somatic Sexology 

2020 Certified in Basic Movement for Trauma, by Jane Clapp

 2020 - 2021 Student, Mind Body Therapy, Institute of Embodied Philosophy  

2021 Introduction to Somatic Experiencing, Somatic Experiencing Spain