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Bodywork & Embodied Counselling

"As a queer woman living with chronic pain, the experience of somatic bodywork with Axel has been a lifechanging one. It has allowed me to gain precious knowledge and agency on how emotions unfold in my body, while offering a safe and soft container to welcome them." 

- Elisa, translator

"I perceive our therapeutic relationship as a safer space where no internalised phobias are projected on my body and no negativity towards neurodivergence is interfering". 


Severin, Astronaut

What is bodywork and embodiment? 

Bodywork and embodiment are parts of a relatively young movement of psychology that questions and rethinks how mainstream therapy approaches health and healing. What it means for me, is that I believe there is a lot of knowledge and support to be found, when we increase our capacity to listen to what goes on inside the body. I see the body as a great resource of wisdom, that can give us information about what we need and desire and how to get more of it. 


Many of us rely on the strength of our mind to navigate our emotions and to make choices.

But as strong as the mind is, the body has a way of communicating its needs by sending butterflies through the stomach, making the heart beat strong and fast, sending shivers down the spine or make us tremble with nervousness and energy.

Being in touch with your body and listening to the signals it sends, is something I believe everyone can learnwith the right support. 

How do I work with it?

As a practitioner with an embodied approach, I support my clients in figuring out how and why the body responds the way it does. We look at how the body carries the imprint of what it has experienced and what it has meant to feel safe. In a session we will explore the connections between emotions and muscles, posture, breath, connective tissue and nervous systems reactions.  

I have learnt different approaches to bodywork and embodiment and depending on what my clients need and what they wish to work with, a session can be both with or without touch. Beside touch, I have experience and training in working with movement, focusing, mindfulness, breath and guided awareness.   


What ever way we choose to work with the mind-body connection, I see consent as the foundation for a relationship where healing can take place. I believe that trust is not given, but earned and I will always do my best to check in and ask to make sure all suggestions feels right in the moment.   

I live and work in Berlin, and I also travel to Copenhagen on a regular basis to offer sessions in Danish. 

Who is it for? 

I believe that everyone can gain from strengthening the capacity to be with their body and practise riding the waves of emotions it experiences. So far it is my experience that it can be especially supportive…    


  • If you experience overwhelm by sensations in- and outside of your body and struggle with states like anxiety, panic or numbness.   


  • if you are going through a big transition in your life and need to find the strength and capacity to deal with it.


  • if you experience physical symptoms like muscle tension, fatigue, digestive problems, migraines and headaches that doesn't seem to go away.  


  • if you belong to a minority and experience oppression in your daily life.  

  • if you are stressed and have a hard time relaxing. 

  • if you have dreams and desires, but struggle to find a way to realise them in the world.  

  • if shame is a part of your relationship to your body and you would like that to change

Bodywork is an incredibly helpful support for me on so many different levels. It makes me grow as an emotional, bodily and professional being.

In the last years, it has greatly expanded my understanding of embodied patterns and help me integrate new healthy patterns and mental images in my daily lives and relationships. 

Valerie, Philosopher

Do you want to learn more or book a session?

Send me a message and we can take from there

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