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Embodied Listening
By Katharina and Axel, Skinship_Berlin


4 Wednesday evenings in September and October. join as many or as few as you like 


 08.09: 7 - 9 pm 

 22.09: 7 - 9 pm 

 06.10: 7 - 9 pm 

 20.10: 7 - 9 pm 



In Friedrichshain close to S Warschauer Str. You will get the address in an email when you register.



there is a limited capacity for participants, so please send us an email with your name and when you want to join to: ksack@riseup.net



We ask for donations on a sliding scale between 10 - 25 €. If you want to join but don’t have the money, don’t worry about it and come anyway. It’s on us. 

How do you stay present with yourself and others in challenging conversations?  

How can you use the body as a resource to find grounding? 

What do you do when you space out and want to come back into connection?  

What do you need to feel comfortable being present for or with someone else?


In this series of workshops we invite for a space to get curious about the role of the listener. 

Listening is a fundamental part of being in connection with other people, but something many of us struggle to do - especially when the emotional waves are going high. 

Whether you find yourself listening to your loved ones, flatmates, colleagues, other activists, people you work with etc, we believe that the ability to be present with yourself and your body, is the foundation for being present with other people and their bodies.  


We both work professionally with listening to other people and have found that it’s not an ability you are just born with or without. It’s something that can be practiced and embodied in a space that is safe enough to feel, try, fail, experiment and try again.   


What will happen? 

We will share tools and techniques we use in our work as somatic practitioners, and facilitate a space to try them out. There will be invitations to connect with yourself, to breathe, hum, move, touch, talk and rest. 

who are we? 

Axel (he)

I am a bodyworker and embodied counsellor, based in Berlin. In my work I combine my training in Mind Body Therapy, the Pantarei approach and Embodied Counselling to offer individual and group sessions. I work with an intention of connecting people to their bodies, their resilience and their feeling of belonging. 

I identify as transgender on a masculine spectrum and have found somatic work incredibly empowering in my own life and it’s a privilege to support other people on their body journeys as well.  

Katharina (she/he/they)

I am a somatic practitioner. At the heart of my work is supporting people to connect back to, see, and acknowledge their own magic and wholeness through their body, touch and verbal communication. I locate my work, and somatic+emotional practices in general as powerful tools for personal and collective well-being and social justice transformation.

My background is in different somatic approaches such as the Pantarei approach, Embodied Counselling and trauma informed practices. 

I offer one-on-one sessions and workshops in Berlin as well as online.

Contact me via instagram: @embodied_transformation or email: hi@embodied-transformation.de

Embodied group sessions for trans and non binary people

I am starting am embodied support group for trans and non binary people with Ayo Gry (www.touchedbodywork.com) at Skinship_Berlin. It will start in the fall, and more info will come in the next weeks