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Upcoming Workshops

I facilitate embodied workshops in Berlin and Copenhagen

Write me an email, if you would like to get on the newsletter and receive invitations

01.12 & 15.12

Allowing Change 

somatic resilience workshop for all queers and friends of queers 

at Skinship_Berlin

IMAGE 2021-11-26 12_26_48.jpg

Something that continues to amaze me in my individual work with clients is that when there is enough time, space and support, the body seems to always want to be well. It knows how to let in flow where it is stuck, and it knows how to move towards healing, wholeness and safety. But for this to happen, we need to address our bodies in a way that allows it to speak back to us. 

Bodywork and embodied practices offer wonderful ways of learning this. Even though it is a quite extraordinary treasure we all walk around with, it is not more magical than it’s skills everyone can learn and practice. 


In the two workshops I will introduce a small taster of some of these skills and my intention is that you can go back home and have something to practice alone and with other people in your life. 


you will be invited to work with

  • interoception (aka the ability to notice what goes on inside the body) 

  • co-regulation

  • safe-enough-touch as something that can support the capacity to be with bodily sensations  

  • curious conversations  

….as well as having time to ground, sink in and connect with other people in your local queer embodied community.  


The workshops are inspired by my training in Body Mind Therapy and the Pantarei Approach. 


Time and Place

The Skinship, a few minutes from Warschauer S+U

You will get the address when you sign up.


Wednesday the 1st of december. 18.30 - 20.30

Wednesday the 15th of december. 18.30 - 20.30



you can join one or both as you like. It's not necessary to be at the first one, to join the second. 



I suggest to donate between 15 - 25€. 

If this is too much for you at the moment: don’t worry and come anyway. It’s on me.  


Covid and safety  

this will be a 2G+ event, meaning that you have to be either vaccinated or recovered AND do a test before arrival (or come 15 minutes early, and I will have some for you)

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