I wish to create a safer space and I have a sensibility towards that different people have different bodily boundaries. With both styles of massage, there will be time to have a talk about your specific needs and wishes and I will explain what I do, before I do it.

Oil massage for grounding and releasing tension

In a therapeutic massage we work with the specific needs or wishes you bring to the table. I use techniques from deep tissue massage and support your awareness and breath to relief muscle tensions. 
The sessions will take place on a massage table. The receiver is partially naked and will be covered with a blanket. 

Thai Yoga Massage

The techniques of thai yoga massage is based on the belief that energy runs though the body in lines, that can be stimulated to support the bodys ability to heal itself. Thai Massage uses a combination of stretches, trigger point therapy and deep touch that follows the breath of the reciever.  
The session will take place on a mat on the floor and, because there is no oil involved, the receiver can wear as much clothes as they like.